Thursday, January 21, 2010

is the number of times i've burnt my neck this week with a curling iron.

is the number of times prior to this week that i have burnt my neck with a curling iron.

If we were to look at a line graph of curling iron injuries obtained throughout my lifetime thus far, this week would have an abnormally sharp incline. Just sayin.


  1. should write for a living! You're my entertainment for the day/hour! Love you!!!

    p.s. stay away from curling irons...can't risk another peak in the bar graph!

  2. stop trying to cover up the hickies hicks, dantyelle.

    When i use to play the violin (keep in mind I was like 12 or 13) it would always leave a red mark on my neck. My dad would flip out ALL the time thinking they were hickies. What kind of a 12 year old did he think I was?!

  3. bahaha! he would, he would.
    Beehives get wild now days. You never know ash...

  4. That doesn't sound like fun at all, Danielle, with all those burns. So what is going on, you may be in just too big of a hurry. Hope you don't have another burn week this week! I never get burns like that 'cause a curling iron is a foreign object to me!

  5. LOL, I've had similar issues. I have a set of curlers that were handed down to me from my mom that were given to her by her mother and Ive used these things since childhood. Last I tried to I got a big chunk of hair stuck and had to cut it out. Now im curler shy. lol



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