Friday, January 07, 2011

7 happy birthday MAPALIE!

Today the Cheetah Mansion is going buck wild to celebrate the birth of Natalie Camp. She is just wonderful.
Top 10 Reasons I'm in love like mad with Nat Cat:
Drumroll Please....
10. Natalie is so so so good to others. She's always looking out for everyone around her.
9. Natalie is a Halloween freak. She lives & breathes it. Waits for it all year & never wants October to leave. "Halloween + Natalie = Natoween" But she's not the girl that dresses all cutsie... this girl does the blood & guts all over. This is her as Little Dead Riding Hood.
Yes, the 2nd girl on the left please.
8. She will validate you on that boy and has let me vent about that boy for almost 5 years now (DISCLAIMER: That boy is not the same boy but just many boys of the same kind). AND when you're crying in bed really hard because other people can do stupid things, she just listens & scratches your back. She's going straight to heaven.
7. Nat Cat is the sweetest ever, i'm so serious. She is so nice & kind BUT the funny part is she can be sassy and straight forward. I wish I could be more like that. Several times she's sent guys texts that say she's not interested in them so she doesn't want to waste their time & go on a date, but she does it in such a nice way! I don't understand! How do you do it?!? I need that skill like before Friday night!
6. Nat's a goal setter & goal KILLER! She trained all summer and ran a marathon this year. Get it girl!
5. She visited me in Tennessee and road tripped with me across the country! Such devotion.
4. Natalie has the best smile! She's so friendly & approachable and super easy to talk to. She's like the world's best date option.
3. Natalie loves life & gets super excited over everything. She's always up for adventures and road trips or anything else spontaneous which helps me since i'm so predictable and schedule everything.
Eh em.
Moving on....
2. Nat's been through a lot but I never hear her complain about what life's handed her. She's positive and cheerful and always looking to move ahead. This is something I've admired in her since we were next door neighbors in the dorms 5 years ago! Oop, kickin it old school.
1. Natalie is such a good friend. She has got to be the most loyal person I know. I never hear her talk crap about anyone. She is also the best listener EVER! It's actually a problem for me because we all know my chatty tendencies & she never interrupts so I'm afraid I go on too long sometimes. I completely abuse that good quality in her...
Happy birthday MAPALIE! I love you with all my heart! U da, u da best!


  1. Another AMAZING BIRTHDAY tribute! I just love these, and now I LOVE Natalie! Tell her Happy Birthday from your old lady and don't have too much fun tonight!

  2. :) She is a great girl. I like her

  3. you hit every person right on target with these birthday posts! nat is amazing. she rocks my world. happy birthday nat camp!!! time to parrrttaaaay tonight! :)

  4. Nice tribute to your friend, Danielle! You are so kind and thoughtful to do this for your family and friends! By the way, I told Sherry C. about your amazing truffles and she said she had a recipe just like that one but she put junior mints in the center of each of them. She took them to a party and got so many raves and EVERYONE was calling her for the recipe!

  5. I really enjoyed reading this one again especially now since I know this sweet, sweet girl! I'm thinking the same thing, Danielle. She IS going to heaven one day! Just an angel of a girl! Happy Birthday to darling Natalie!

  6. ditto to all of the above. i hope you make me sound this cool on my birthday.june 21st, just to give you a heads up.

  7. i awarded you with the stylish blogger award :)

    check it out



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