Tuesday, December 22, 2009

4 my best friend's wedding

what an absolutely perfect day.


  1. Soooo Happy for Ashley and J.D.! So love all the beautiful people and clothes! So love that you got to go to "In and Out Burgers"! So love that the Memphis airport finally released you to come to Nashville! Love you!

  2. it WAS an absolutely perfect day!
    hope you're having fun at home!!

  3. Oh, Danielle, these pictures are just beautiful! Ashley made such a pretty bride and her dress is gorgeous! You, of course, looked smashing! I like the pretty blue color for her bridesmaids, something different! I know it was a lovely wedding in every way. So happy for Ashley and her new husband, J. D.

  4. Ashley looks STUNNING. I love everything she did for her wedding!



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