Saturday, December 26, 2009

4 celebration station

Every year we have a bunch of our family friends over for a Christmas party. Some of the boys are finally getting back from missions which made this year even better. The awkard front door picture.
Oh, you know i'll bust it up! Christmas Eve
Every Christmas Eve we get PJ's. Christmas Eve morning Spencer asked what time we got to open them up. My mom got all flustered & said, "How do you know you're getting PJ's?" like he just ruined this huge surprise. We all just looked at each other awkwardly... Ummm.....
So, the rest of the day, we all were asking my mom what our PJ's looked like, where she got them from, what color they were, etc. because she has four brats for kids.
{We like teasing in our family P.S.}
WARNING: Despite how this picture may look, I am NOT 800 lbs. For whatever reason, my mom purchased mine about 4x's too big. There were many hilarious jokes about it though & we were all busting at the seams.
Rachel & I thought we looked a lot like the Whos in Whoville so we held hands & sang the song all night. I'm sure it got obnoxious eventually. Whatever. I hate piggy back pictures. Unless I'm the piggy. Mom jumped in our jammies pic which throws off the balance a little, but I felt too bad to kick her out. Plus she's cute! Compare with last year's jammie pic. Notice the new dog this year. Last year's scraggly puppy, Boo was a little naughty so she got shipped off. We are trial-and-error dog owners.
Christmas Day
On Christmas morning it was 55° & that's how I like it. Rachel was kind enough this year to get me a deluxe cupcake set as opposed to the African American Barbie & Ken she gave me circa 1995. Still confused on that one. My parents loaded me up with presents & I'm afraid I will be exceeding the weight limit on my flight back to Utah.
My mom's been needing socks lately. My dad took that upon himself. These are only about 1/8 of the socks (he wrapped each pair individually). My favorite is the little guy on the far left... Chasers with his new North Face & some basketball shoes. His favorites.Mostly we just opened gifts, cooked, played games & everyone laughed at my expense. Another successful Christmas with the fam bam.

I am so happy to be home with my family! My parents have always been so good at reminding us what Christmas is all about & celebrating the birth of our Savior. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!


  1. Really enjoyed reading about our day yesterday, Danielle! It was a very fun happy day for everyone!

  2. i FINALLY am able to access your blog on a computer that is less ghetto than my college one. i think i may have spent the last hour reading it have a lovely life lady!



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