Thursday, December 31, 2009

8 and that's a wrap!

OHHH, 2009. You have been an interesting one! We have had quite the love/hate relationship. If I could describe my year it would be: laughing, crying, loyal, liars, sunny, snowy, love, heartbreak, up weight, down weight, lose friends, gain friends, amazing guys, lame guys. road trips. You could say I went through the refiners fire once or a million times, but never in my life have I experienced such a roller coaster year (my poor, poor, poor roommates). But you know what? On this day, December 28th, I can honestly say it's been my favorite of all my 21 years. Did NOT think I'd say that at several low points throughout the last 12 months, but I've been reflecting on the good times today & here's a picture recap of January-December:

Not too shabby huh?

You know, they always have to come up with rhyming words for the year.
2009 is fine.
2008 is great.
2007 was heaven.
2006 pick up...sticks
It just so happens 2010 rhymes with...
Do you know how many rhymes you can come up with about men depending on where your general stance on the male sex is correlating with the year 2010?!
My friend Shalyce has already come up with a few.
Por ejemplo:
2010, no more gay men.
and my favorite:
2010, cross your fingers.
bahahhahaha, IT DOESN'T EVEN RHYME! & it's still my favorite.
Please help a playa out & come up with s'more.


  1. haha- i love it!
    i actually mentioned to my Mom my new years resolution a few days ago and it goes like this:
    Get some men in 2010.
    yes, men is plural because I would like a few options- it'd be a great change for once in my life!

  2. hahah that's sad!
    Maybe you should say,
    "2010, dating again"
    That seems a little more happy. You'll get some hottie this year. promise.

  3. yes, i like that one. it's a little more positive, this is true. we'll see how that goes!

  4. thanks for the shout it!

  5. How about 2010, some things to mend? or 2010, it ain't no sin. or 2010, men to lend, or 2010, come agin! Oh well, it is late...I tried. Love you!

  6. i like this with all the pics.
    i like you too!
    hope youre having a great break!

  7. haha opps this is alpal not mom-diane-grandma :)

  8. Umm...2010-can't wait for the next ten. or 2010-single again. or 2010 I hurt my shin or even 2010-I hurt my chin (depending which one you might think you'll hurt first)...just a few ideas.



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