Monday, November 09, 2009

7 "this is not a friendly roadtrip, this is a sexy roadtrip"

This weekend I went to Arizona for 1 day.
Worth it.
Remember how I said we'd be listening to Carrie the whole roadtrip?
Well, we ended up bringing these fools along last minute. They don't appreciate Carrie as much as Les & i, so instead we let them control the music & ended up listening to more Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift. Still good choices of course.
Teej & Brad made our trip hysterical though, even if i did have to play mom the entire time...
Shotty for the hottie.
Finally made it to Page. We are struggling as you can see.
The back scratch train was always in action.

Day 1/Only Day:
Well, I woke up sick as a dog. Leslie was already sick, so the rest of these pictures are extremely rough looking. Just a warning.
Tia Rosa's for lunch
Then we headed to Leslie's sister's cheer competion where they placed first. GO TOROS! Never thought I'd say that.
Les & her sister Brooke. Too cute.
Then we got our nails did.
Saturday night was so great.
We went to Brady's house & did a little bonfire action. He's hardcore.
Cooking Peach Cobler in the dutch oven.
Ninja time
We had fun.
I love friends.
Then we took Brady's jeep & did a little off roading. He's an impressive driver.
Oh come on you two! Don't be so shy! Ah, ok. That's more like it.
Brady & I. We're North Face people.
So sad, heading back to Provo. Teej just looks so thrilled.
Now I'm even more sick. Can't breathe, can't hear, & anything that comes out of my mouth should be ignored. I'm on drugs. Does this post even make sense? Bottom line, weekend rocked. Now I'm going to pass out for two days until I wake up healed. Goodnight people.


  1. are by far the fastest blogger in the West! Wow! So fun to hear about the weekend...Glad you had fun!

  2. Hoorah! I'm so glad you had a weekend. & Brady's really cute.

  3. i knew you would catch on to the toro spirit sooner or later.. hahaha. i'm glad you had fun! aaaaand i totally wouldnt mind if you started dating brady and moved down to az and lived here foreverssss. just my two cents.

    get better!!!

  4.! The recruitment rate to TN is VERY STRONG these days!

  5. ah tia rosa's is yummmmy. glad you had a good time. we need to hang this week. loves.

  6. Sounds like you did have fun but having fun and being sick at the same time? I don't know about that one. Thanks for sharing, Danielle. I enjoyed reading about your trip!

  7. I have an important question...the close up of you and Leslie in your Toro shirts...what the heck is that on you...your adam's apple?



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