Sunday, October 04, 2009

6 why this weekend was a goodie

Sundance time.
Some Stolworthy/Grayson bonding time.
Some birthday celebrating time.
Hanging with my boys in their killer garage...
Football game time.

Loft time.
(You might wanna click on this pic to get the full effect of Becs' chompers.) Best night of my life. Do the stanky legg.
Thizz face time.
Why have I not gone dancing for a year?
Conference time.
Oh whoops, I meant Conference time. 7th row ladies & gents. Saturday morning, amazing. (To learn more about my church, click here.) Weekly Mason Jar give away time. Get both recipes for these cookies on my recipe blog.Ok, this is what happens when you dance all night long. You get back at 4am and can't seem to calm down, but it's the freakin' weekend baby. Just keep an eye on Sar Bear in the background. Maybe this is not as funny during the day, haven't made up my mind yet.

Weekend Discoveries:
There are certain songs that always put me in a good mood. (cough, cough "Party in the USA" cough)
First dates are amazing. How I just discovered this... I don't know. Keep them coming.
Sometimes Utah isn't all bad, if you're with cool people.
General Conference is nuts. I heard so many good things, I couldn't write them down fast enough.
I love getting to know people.


  1. I LOVE it when you post!!! So great to see and read! I loved the picture of you and Spence...two of the most photographic people I know...and sweet too. We missed him! Miss you too, dear!

  2. "cough cough, party in the usa" hahhaaha i'm the same way, but i looove it! such a feel food song. um ps you are freaking GORGEOUS.

  3. umm "feel GOOD". but yeah, "feel food" works too i guess? i'm on crack.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Danielle...were you surprised by how tall your bro is now?



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