Thursday, October 08, 2009

4 I have an issue

I'm the girliest girl. I love ribbons, I love lace, I love bows. I love having an excuse to get dressed up. I love it when boys take me fancy places & i can wear pretty dresses.
I love yoga pants. Like, too much. If i'm lounging around the house, I feel no need to get all dolled up. I'm perfectly fine with the no-makeup, haven't-brushed-my-hair-yet look, maybe even a little toooo comfortable with that look. But I have vowed to be better about not letting that look leave the house. Not because I care about going out with no makeup, but because I have a very southern minded family that would not approve of me leaving the house without my makeup on & wearing clothes. Real clothes. According to them, yoga pants do not fall in that category, which is probably the biggest bummer ever.
This look will not be happening in public again anytime soon, except on my blog. Completely different...


  1. yoga pants ARE real clothes.
    black. tight. stretchy.
    those three things equate to sexy.
    i seriously have been living in mine too.
    I was on my way home yesterday and was thinking, "black stretchy pants... i need more!" and almost stopped at tj max: workout section.
    celebrate the pants.
    ps. your post a couple back, about miley's hit "party in the usa" i was like "what, never even heard that before"
    ps. its fun blog stalking you, i am going to make a point of commenting more often.

  2. My mother is the perfect example of looking good. She, still at
    87, always looks pressed and polished even if she is not going any place all week long. I admire her interest in always being so "presentable." I wish I had more of that in me but still I try.
    And you always looking like a knockout when you get dressed up, Danielle!



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