Friday, September 11, 2009

6 lately, i have been...

...going to a cousin's baby shower & then welcoming a beautiful baby boy last week (more pictures of Krugh soon. He's absolutely precious!)
...watching Truman do their thing.
...going to Yozone. Every. Night.
...making Spence do our dishes (this one's a lie, he did them voluntarily. Gem.)
... making ashley laugh so hard she has to fall over (every single night).
...loving my boys.
... mayyyyybe hitting up the loft (or the parking lot outside of the loft).
...feeling distraught as i clean up the 8 cachillion ants i found.
... feeding hungry boys, bless their hearts.
... dancing.
... loving more boys.
...rolling down hills until we run into cars.
...loving more boys (there seems to be a pattern).
...cuddling every night with my faves.
...breaking hearts, duh.
...chilling with the NIELSENS. They're far too kind.
... reuniting team danison.
...lesbo dates parking at the Y with no makeup (there's a story behind this).
...posing at the Y. ...falling off the Y mountain.
...discovering my destiny in playing M.A.S.H. (Well, Jeff does owe me for scratching his back every night...)
... loving Spencey's retainers before bedtime.
... kissing my ems.
and now i have to wake up in 4 hours.
but i'm terrible at blogging my actual life & i can't sleep, so, there you go.
not gonna lie, the past few days have pretty much rocked.
oh, the life of a dani girl. so so good.


  1. That must be Bubby's new table! Can I come for a visit?

  2. That's wonderful! I loved this post and all the pics!

  3. Fun know I MIGHT need explanations...:)

  4. are you wearing one of your super cute aprons in that last picture? i know you are seriously wayy busy right now, but i reaaaally want one.

    love this post, so fun. "loving boys.." hahaha always.

  5. Glad you have so many friends,Danielle. It is nice that you have friends you feel so close to. Just a thought here though, save your hugs and kisses for the special one! They have more meaning that way.

  6. It was so great to see you. Thanks again for all of your help at Alli's wedding. Woo Hoo for team Danison! Loved the pics and that you were at the Nielsens. Hopefully you can get Al Pal to start a blog. :-)



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