Wednesday, September 30, 2009

8 weekend thoughts

This guy comes out here tomorrow & i am BEYOND STOKED! My brother Spencer is the BEST!
He's 16. A Junior in high school.
Scoping out BYU. Coming to the game.
Chilling with his awesome sisters.
He miiiight be the most witty person ever.
Most importantly, he's a good good guy.
We are two peas in a pod, him & I.
Did I say I was excited?

But, oh my gosh, this weather is so rude!
I'm always cold. Even the 3 year old I nanny for says she doesn't like it when I get her dressed because my hands are too cold. Maybe she should stop being so picky. Here's the deal. It's time to break out the North Faces & onesie. Onesie? You might ask... Yes. Last Thanksgiving, Spence & I went to Target. We ran across some onesies. Spence is super tall & skinny, I had to FORCE him to try on a kids extra large onesie in the dressing room. When he came out, I fell to the ground laughing. I know I laugh all the time, but this time was for real, serious business laughing. So I picked up 3 more for me & the rest of the sibs & we put them on. Mom loved (understatement) them.Mine has pterodactyls that glow in the dark on it. Don't mind me.
My roommates loved it too. So we decided to make it our Cheetah Christmas Card last year, bam. Anotherrr thing i'm so stoked for this weekend... General Conference. Good news folks, I no longer need coloring books to stay awake during all 4 sessions! In all seriousness, I am so looking forward to hearing the messages. I just looked over my blog & notes from April's session & got pumped.

Ok, not gonna lie. I kind of just wrote the funniest email ever to Maeg. The fact that I crack myself up is no big news flash, but seriously I was getting so sick off it. But I can't post it because it says bad things about people. But trust me, it was so freakkkking hilarious.

Do you know what my momma told me? She said, "Danielle, you need to do things in your life right now that make your heart sing."
"Make my heart do what?"
"Oh.... ok."

P.S. My favorite thing to do in the winter is cuddle on the LoveSac. You know my number. I believe cuddling makes my heart sing.


  1. can't wait to bust out my onsies! it'll probably be a few months for us though, boo.

  2. Spencer is such a heartthrob! This is one of his best pictures and every picture of him is good it seems. He is so photogenic! Hope you all have the best time ever together! We will of course, miss him here, like we miss you girls, every day.

  3. Oh yeah..we were at TGIFridays with Spencer and Chase and I couldn't help but notice how the waitress laughed extra long and hard at anything Spencer said...she had a little 16 year old crush goin on there...although she probably over-estimated his age...him being 6'2" and all!

  4. hahahah oh my gosh. girls love him. they fall all over him & he thinks they're ridiculous. sucks.

  5. oh my gosh! when did Spencer grow up? weird! that's good that he thinks girls are ridiculous. keep it that way til' after the mish. :)
    ....i kinda want to get a onesie now...I wouldn't look as good in it as you do not.

  6. Giulia, are you kidding? I can't think of anything more flattering than thick fleece that flattens the good curves and adds bulk to the bad ones, can you?

  7. hahahha Mom, I love you, and yes spence is a babe magnet...maybe one day he'll realize it? The fact that he's coming out here makes me reeeeally happy, except it just might make me homesick. we had the best summer together

  8. yep, we did! You guys made it TERRIFIC!!!



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