Sunday, September 06, 2009

8 Proud to be a COUG

We all know what happened last night...

Well, a few hundred fans decided to show up & cheer on the football team when they arrived at 2am.

My dear friend, Rachel Robbins (see more on her blog here) created this little guy:

"Some will instinctively downplay BYU's 14-13 upset due to Heisman winner Sam Bradford's shoulder injury. Those people probably did not watch the game. A swarming Cougars defense exploited Oklahoma's rebuilt offensive line from the get-...go. The scoreboard read 7-7 when Bradford went out, 10-7 at halftime and 13-7 after BYU stonewalled Oklahoma on a third-and-goal from the one-yard-line." -Sports Illustrated


  1. No kidding...I think I shed a tear or two! WHAT A GAME!!! Those players had to have been WIPED! But, Dani...why weren't you there?

  2. i was too busy hooking up with boys mom. geeze.

  3. yep i cried. i cried at the game too. gosh i love football. INCREDIBLE game! love those cougs.

  4. I can't believe I missed it! Kari said their viewing of the game was so disjointed that I probably would not have enjoyed it at their place. Please guys keep me informed when a game is being telecast. I don't want to miss the next one!

  5. The video was exciting to watch! Thanks for posting it, Danielle!n

  6. for bigger pictures:
    -make a photobucket account and upload your pics there. (or if you picnik your pics then change the sizes to 640x480 or the LARGE size.
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    hope that helps!



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