Wednesday, July 15, 2009

8 Rooie's Big Day

You should really be at the Stolworthy house today. Rachy Roo got her wisdom teeth pulled.
Before the surgery... (still not nearly as happy -and giggly- as she was after the surgery)
And this is after. At least this is how i left her... maybe leaving her on the computer wasn't the greatest idea. On behalf of my high sister, I apologize to whatever may come up on facebook. Oop, looks like she's good though with that thumbs up!

My favorite moments so far:

Rachel: "Hi sexy" to two white trash men at Walgreens while we're getting her prescriptions filled

When she first got in the car she couldn't stop giving me the peace sign. That little hippie.

Al Pal, you'll like this one: I wasn't there, but when they woke her up from surgery, she was doing sign language to the doctors.

I noticed her texting on the way home from the doctors. (I'm a little nervous at what she sent out to people...) At one point on the way home I grabbed my phone and it was a text from her that said "hey baby" I looked up and she was just smiling at me. It was a very creepy smile I might add.

Here's the vid. So funny. She keeps talking about her eyebrows because we were talking about getting our eyebrows waxed this week right before she went under. A few quotes you might not understand: "I loved that guy from BYU, BYU, BYU... They all liked my eyelashes, but not my eyebrows. I should've given them a disclaimer... Oh my goodness. Let's go get some more of these drugs... I thought i'd be embarrassed, but i'm really not... Cute is not the word i would've used... I wanna finish my apron... That guy was really nice. He has three kids."

So in the words of Rach herself, she's now "4 teeth less wise."


  1. this is the best blog I've read in weeks. HILARIOUS!

  2. hahahahahahahahaha oooooooooh my gosh. i'm so happy right now.

  3. don't be deceived syd, it's your vicodin making you feel that way :)

    today was one of my tops for the summer

  4. *sidenote: Syd just got her wisdom teeth out yesterday. Oh shoot. If I could've only listened to the phone convo they had earlier...

  5. Dani!! I was laughing SO hard I about wet my pants! I don't think I've laughed that hard in forever!!! Chris thought it was pretty funny. But its even better when you know what Rach is like when she's not high!

  6. p.s. i look like a naked mole-rat w/ that cap on

  7. i was laughing so hard at that blog, everyone in the computer room probably thinks i'm crazy! i love you both!



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