Thursday, July 30, 2009

First item of business:
I think Savannah & I should do a hair swap. She's obsessed with mine, and her hair rocks. Everytime I grab her, her eyes get huge & she starts pulling my hair & sticks it in her mouth. I guess she's into long, brown, stringy, split ends.
When I used to nanny, I had a bumbo for the baby & told Steph she needed to get one because they're awesome. The next day we found one for $16! They're normally $40 so it was a huge steal. I sat Savannah in her new bumbo this morning while I ate breakfast. Look at her! Happy as a clam.
And it doubles as a chew toy. Even better.
We've had such a good time in Texas! It's been so good to see family & catch up. Thanks for having us Auntie Julie! I'm headed back to Franklin tomorrow for another 2 days & then I'll be back in Provo Monday... Time flies!


  1. oh my gosh, it sounds like you're loving your time there! i'm so happy for you :) Savannah is so cute and those seats are the best. a nannies dream, seriously!

  2. wow total STEAL on the bumbo! i wish they made them for adults, those kids seem to LOVE them!

  3. I will try one more time to leave a comment on this one! Just adorable pictures of my adorable g-grand! Great writing, too, Danielle! You have a fun blog to read! Thanks for sharing some of the fun times in Houston!



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