Saturday, June 13, 2009

3 a wild pack

Freshman year I moved into Chipman Hall & met a bunch of radical girls that I have been hanging with ever since. We named ourselves the Chipman Cheetahs. After leaving the dorms, we dropped the "Chipman" and just called ourselves, "the Cheetahs." When our freshman boys left, the Cheetahs were so sad to not have a group of boys to run wild with. It took a little under a year until we met the Panthers. I had known Ben & Schuyler for a few years from home & after running into Ben at a rugby game last year, I invited him to my birthday party. Well, he came & brought his friends too. That night, we knew. We had found our group of boys & lovingly named them "the Panthers." As you might imagine for a group of Cheetahs & Panthers, we have a wild history:
It only took a couple of weeks before love started to blossom. Exhibit A: And it's a good thing because these two ended up sealing the deal in February.
But just because there's only been one Cheet/Panther wedding (so far), does not mean there haven't been a million other Cheetah/Panther relationships. This group of friends have had more love triangles than any other. (disclaimer: this collage may or may not be an accurate representation of a few of the love affairs that have taken place.)
Including Ben & Schuyler.
We all just love each other I guess.
So last night we had to support one of our Panthers, Ben Truman. Which P.S. there were like a thousand people there. Good job Ben. the new album
Ben & Chad Truman ladies & gents.

These are all videos of a few of my favorite Cheetah & Panther moments. View with caution, they could get wild.

Disneyland & Santa Monica Pier

Ash Bash & Case Kirkland Wedding

Ben's birthday last week. Oh my. Cheets & Panthers are all about the kiss countdown & awkward moments.

Valentine's Day on Ventura Beach

Ben & Schuyler saw this through our front window while driving by & decided to join. So funny. video

Truman performing last night




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