Friday, May 15, 2009

3 this year will be different...

Let me start this off by first saying, yes, i'm over the age of 13 & still watch American Idol religiously. Now, for the past 2 years I've missed the Season Finale of American Idol.
Two summers ago I happened to be scheduled to work the night it aired so my mom said she would TiVo it & we'd watch it together. On my way home from work I called Alison like always. The convo went something like this:
Dani: "Hey Boo Boo, whatcha doin?" (we have awkward pet names for each other)
Dani: "Umm, actually i didn't know she won yet but thanks for ruining everything that's been built up for the last 5 months."
*disclaimer: I wasn't really that sassy, i don't think.

So, American Idol Finale Season 6: Ruined. Last year's story is perhaps more sad, if you can even imagine.
I was in Peru. I left the country when there was still a top 5. I told my mom to TiVo the last 5 episodes. I avoided knowing who was kicked off & who was left for 5 weeks. That's a big deal. Not only that, but i stayed clear from in the Internet cafes to get the latest celebrity scoop. An even bigger deal. The week after the finale, Ash & I were staying in Cusco & flew to Trujillo, Peru to visit Sara for her birthday. Literally, within the first hour of being there, Sara goes, "Oh man Dani, I bet you're so mad David Archuletta lost."
My head dropped.
Not only did my 17 year old crush lose on American Idol, but for the 2nd year in a row, someone who i considered my "friend" ruined it.
Whatever mom, just delete all 5 episodes because I already know what happened.

American Idol Finale Season 7: Ruined again. Wednesday night, I'm hoping for a much different finale experience. At first I contemplated living in a soundproof box for the week before the show, but after deciding that was a little extreme, I've come to the conclusion I will be sitting on the couch 30 minutes prior, just in case Fox decides to throw us for a loop and start the show earlier & I miss it again. That could definitely happen.
The only finale downfall this year is that I won't see this:
(I'll still love you forever Danny Gokey.)
I'm hoping that Ryan Seacrest will run across my blog, feel sorry for me & hook me up with a ticket to the show. Or maybe he'll let me host it. That way I will definitely be the first to know.


  1. haha dani! i can't believe that has happened every year! at least you'll get to see it this year!
    i'm sad danny left too- we just gotta vote for Kris lots!!

  2. how sad! i feel your pain girl. stu told me about last year too since he was in provo and he found out an hour before me! i was devastated! same thing happened with biggest loser (my american idol, if you will..) stu found out through LAME facebook just MINUTES before the finale. i pray seacrest finds you :)



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