Thursday, April 09, 2009

4 When I Grow Up

These are all of the career options I have at one point contemplated:
Elementary Teacher: This is what I chose, for now atleast, I think i'll still have to mark a few more things off the list to feel "complete" I'm relatively secure in this choice & this is what i've wanted to be since 1st grade. Pediatrician: This dream lasted about a week & was mostly inspired in my Grey's Anatomy phase. The problem is, i don't do blood & guts... & more school sounds like a nightmare to me. Hair School: This is what I wanted to do out of high school. My dad told me to give college a shot first & then we'd talk. We never had that "talk."News Reporter: When I was little, people would tell my mom that's what I should be. My mom used to tell me she thought i'd be good at that too. When I got older, people stopped telling me that. Maybe because I wasn't as cute.
Cooking Show Host: This one cracks me up. When I was little, I would act like I had my own show in the kitchen & when I heard someone coming I'd stop talking. Embarrassment of your dream is always the first bad sign.
Oprah Winfrey: Yes, this was one of my career choices, Oprah Winfrey. This is what I put on my high school graduation survey for what I was going to be. Then I calculated Oprah's age along with her health information released to the public and realized by the time she dies, i'll be too old to be a talk show host.


  1. If you want a good blogging school go to and read all his stuff and also to his new site Court blogs for a living and lives on the other side of your wall.

  2. Sounds like a fabulous game plan. I knew about all of those except for pediatrician and cooking show host hahaha hilarious that you talked to yourself!

  3. yeah, like i said... it was an embarrassment issue.

  4. Honey, you are Oprah Winfrey! You are sheer entertainment!



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