Saturday, April 11, 2009

4 when ashley's vulnerable

*story behind the vid: Ash found sheet music on our kitchen table and started singing it when I was downstairs and asked me what the song really was. It might not be very recognizable to you because she's singing all the wrong notes. The song is Alone by Heart. So I started recording when she didn't know, but she ended up doing a full fledge performance for us. Atta girl Ash! Oh, and nice ending note there nat.

OK. Ash always accuses me of getting embarrassing footage of her. I don't think they're embarrassing at all, but rather, very entertaining. I have to admit though, I try to get her at vulnerable times like when she just woke up from a 6.5 hour marathon nap & has so much energy that she's like a broadway singer on crack, like this:


  1. nah that's not embarrassing, but i mean, i'm glad its you and not me haha

  2. 1. im glad her and i are related.
    2. her broadway stance is perfection.
    3. this version of the song is OUT OF CONTROL.

  3. haha i started to play this, and my roommates walked in and where like what are you watching?!?! haha. we all enjoyed this. great job ash.

    this made my day!



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