Thursday, April 02, 2009

3 日本がほしいと思うこ

So my mom, brothers & grandmother are getting on a plane in Dallas this very moment to fly to Japan & meet my dad. Spencer's been texting me every two seconds since 4am ("i'm on the plane, we landed in dallas, we're about to leave again") I'm so sad. I would give anything in the world to be with my family in Japan right now, but Rach & I have school. I'm still hoping I can go this summer though... riiiight dad? ;)
Spencer is going to love Japan, I already know. He loves learning more than anyone i know so he'll just soak it up. He's also like the biggest sushi fan in the world & look at that:
Plus, he told me he'd fit right in since he already looks Japanese...
*no matter what my friends think, Spencer is BIOLOGICALLY related to me.
For my dad's job, he's assigned to different projects & has to go iron stuff out for them. We don't really know what he does, we just joke that he's in the CIA. This last year and a half he's had projects in Russia, LA, Mexico & Spain (i think).
My dad's been in Japan since this last summer coming home for about 2 weeks and staying there for 3 weeks. These are some of the pics he's taken... nice.
So for the next 2 weeks i'll be skype-ing my fam while they're partying it up Asian style.
Alright Fam Bam. I'll miss you terribly. Have fun. I'm jealous.


  1. mmm i'm not really jealous, tho it's SUPER cool, just sad I can't talk to mom for 2 weeeeeeeks!

  2. skype is the best, seriously the only reason i didn't go crazy in korea.. but you get your adventure soon too! i can't believe you are going back to peru! i am so excited for you dani!

  3. Yep, you should be jealous...jk, but really it is cool! So far so good. We love you and hope all is good for you and Rach while we're away!



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