Tuesday, April 14, 2009

3 classy cusco

So my two favorite things have decided to combine:
Vogue & Peru
Please snatch this month's Teen Vogue & take a gander at Cusco, my favorite city ever.
I'm in love with these pictures & missing Peru even more now...
on the way back from Cristo Blanco.
Machu Picchu joy

i love llamas
i love ewes
i love bargaining
i love machu picchu
my favorite place on earth: Cusco's Plaza de Armas


  1. how cool! i remember seeing pictures of you guys in all those places!

  2. whoa, that's really cool. I feel like it was a flash back to the 70's or somethin!

  3. yeahh i told you about that and you tracked it down!! bravo girl



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