Sunday, April 05, 2009

5 blessed.

I love General Conference. I also love that I can listen to it now and take notes and apply it to my life. I looked around today at all of my roommates doing the same and said, "Wow, we've come a long way from our coloring books freshman year!" True story. I feel so uplifted after this weekend!
Salt Lake City Temple
Some of the things I loved:
.We will not be judged by how many trials we have, but how well we endure them. We must learn to say "Get thee behind me Satan" & want more than anything to break the cycle we're in and turn to the Savior for something in our life to change. "Your situation is not beyond the reach of the Savior" -Robert D. Hales
.We need strong Christians who can make things happen through their faith. -D. Todd Christofferson
.When we keep the commandments, come what may, we have no reason to worry. -Richard G. Scott
."These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." -John 16:33
.We are not "entitled" to anything, what comes to us is a blessing. Feeling like you are entitled to certain things will lead to being ungrateful. -Dallin H. Oaks
.May your homes be filled with harmony & love. -Thomas S. Monson
."We can do no great things, only small things with great love." -Mother Teresa
.We all must deal with adversity, God gave us the gift of living in mortality to be prepared for our greatest gift of eternal life. -Henry B. Eyring

This year I felt like they talked a lot about trials especially with the Economic situation. It really opened my eyes to what others around me are possibly going through. My mom & I were talking the other day about how we feel so blessed that my dad's been able to progress in his job during all of this. Not only do I feel very grateful for my circumstances, but I feel very humbled to know that there's so much work to be done & that I need to be doing more! Sometimes I have a hard time with being in school because it takes up my time and I would rather be serving other people around me. I realized that no matter what, I need to be working hard and helping others.

Anyways, I love my life, I love my family, but most importantly, i love my Savior.

I love my church, it leaves no questions unanswered for me & I constantly feel at peace. I'm one lucky girl to be born into the gospel & know the things that I know! To learn more about my church, go here or ask me!


  1. Way cool highlights of conference...made me sad that we have missed 98% while here...Hope to catch most when we get home...I LOVE Conference too! The coolest 4 days of the year...thanks for sharing!

  2. p.s. You can post the cool picture of the Tokyo temple I took if you want...givin you copyright permission...

  3. Ooo thanks for those notes. Although I sat down to watch all of the sessions, I only heard about 10% of it thanks to my busy Kyle boy. I felt like I learned more reading your blog. Can't wait for the Ensign to come!

  4. hahah i love you mom. Also awesome post deej

  5. Fabulous insights into conference. I felt like they were talking just to me! How lucky can we be?



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