Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3 Some Loving for my Alie Cat!

3 birthday posts in 3 days! Phew!
Last but certainly not least is for my partner in crime... Ms. Alison Brooks Bahr! 10. She's the greatest Auntie around. Honestly it's the sweetest thing. I totally got the boot when Mason came along, but how could I not get replaced? He's so freakin' cute!!9. She has the biggest heart ever. Hands down.
8. We go wayyyy back. It all started when I was obsessed with her butterfly clips. When I left for college, I literally thought my heart would break. I couldn't imagine not seeing her every single day. Fortunately, we've handled the long distance relationship thing very well.7. She loves to learn about people & is genuinely interested in everyone she meets. She is so incredibly non judgemental and accepting of everyone. I seriously love this about her & have learned so much from her in this way. She'll talk to anyone & she wants to know what their feelings are about life, family, religion, etc. It's the greatest thing & she is so genuine & sincere towards others.
6. Every time I'm with her we both cry from laughing too hard... I will laugh so hard that I don't have to work out that day. It's very nice.
5. You better believe this lady's Italiano! You should see her Grandma shoving food down us. Amazing food.
4. We get in trouble together. Always. Not bad trouble, but stuff like talking way too loud (our voices tend to escalate when we're together & all of the sudden we're shouting) so the teacher seats one of us in the front left of the classroom & one of us back right. Or wearing high heels, & running up the metal ramp of our classroom laughing hysterically trying to be obnoxious when we were already 30 minutes late. That gets us in trouble too. Or bringing Britney Spears for our Drivers Ed music. Coach Nowell was never a fan. 3. We are seriously sisters. My family is her family (we call her the 5th child) and her family is my 2nd family. I'm over at her house every second. She's completely honest with me. When I'm obnoxious she tells me to shut up. She's usually right. 2. Our favorite thing to do is lay in bed & play scratches for hours and talk. I think we could do this for a week without eating & showering. Now that I think of it, we have done it for a week straight... gross.
1. Some of my very best memories in the world are with my alie cat. Spring Breaks, Snow Day sleepovers, New Orleans, Goats eating hair, the Plastics, Sonic Screech out, football games, skreet, JJ's house talking about girl stuff when the 25 boys there talk about football nonstop, Simple Life, the zoo, prom, bike rides around FP, trampoline chilling, ridiculous boys, Bleechers Sports Grill, getting so sick, attempting to be rebellious kids, preteens & teenagers together, Nintendo 64, moving the office recliner, Pinkerton Park football, Parthenon football, Pinkerton Park truth or dare, Chili's, pushing Chase off my bed because he was annoying you, wanting to marry Spencer, Delilah/Chloe, kissing boys, you crying so hard in my cul-de-sac at 2am & me unsure of what to do hahaha, "Hear ye, Hear ye! I is NOT a drama queen!", WT, SD, OC, CT, White trash baby daddy asking both of us to prom in the same class period... sketch, putting army men on cars, staying out til 4am on summer nights.
Oh gah, now I'm tearing up.I could go on for days, so here's a tribute to you Ali Baba! I love you & miss you sweetheart, have the best day ever!


  1. You are such a dol!!!!!!!!! I love u to pieces and i cant wait till u come home!! You are such a blessing in my life <3

  2. yay! happy birthday alison!

    (you forgot to mention she has a great name)



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