Friday, March 06, 2009

0 poetry from the heart.

My wonderful roommate Melissa has written me a few beautiful poems in the 3 years i've known her. Here are a few, her poems always seem to choke me up.

this is the story of a mel
who once lived in the top bunk of club #34
she was all alone in a large scary provo world
until fate brought her to a dani.
this dani was the kindest, prettiest, most camo loving dani in all the land
and they lived happily ever after.

dearest danielle,
i love you like big green trees
i love you like the summer
i love you more than Jason Castro
because you are so much funner!

Ode to dani by Mel the poetic creature:
Dani you're my roommate HO!
i hope my love for you does show.
You make me happy everynight
When you tuck me into bed so tight
i know you love 5 other boys
but remember... they are only toys
So lets go to sleep in our soft beds
and let ocean music fill our heads!

This is the one she wrote me for my birthday:
dani dani you are RAD!
when i am with you, i can't be sad.
you laugh at me when i am not funny
you are cuter than a little pink bunny.
i hope your birthday will be great,
as you party hard and stay up late.
I love you more than peanut butter and jelly
you are my favorite dantyellie!!!!!

Now this is my poem for you baby:
Smelly Mellys you’re never smelly
You make me happy in my belly
You are so pretty everyday
It puts me in a disarray
We play scratches and we spoon
Under the Provo, Utah moon
No one but you can make me smile
So stay with me til we’re old and bile

yeah, what now dr. seuss?

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