Sunday, March 21, 2010

2 Ode to Spencies.

17 years ago today Spencer Dean Stolworthy graced us with his presence.
I can remember coloring my "My Little Pony" coloring book in the lobby when my dad asked if I wanted to go buy some balloons for my mom & meet my brother. I wasn't overly thrilled when I found out it was a boy as evident in this picture:

So I just started treating him like a sister:

Fortunately he rebelled against that. And fortunately I came to realize that having a brother would be one of the greatest things that could happen to me. Anyone who knows me knows i absolutely LOVE Spence. He's the BEST!
Spencer & I are a lot alike. We get each other.
I will now tell you 10 reasons I love Spence, heaven knows there's a billion more though...
10. He's real. He's down to earth. Not fake. Loyal. Really easy going & laid back.

9. Spencer will pay people to do stuff for him. One time I hung up his shower curtain in his bathroom and when I went back to my bedroom 4 quarters were on my dresser for my hard labor. Generous. Another time he offered to pay me $5 to help him bring a couch up to the loft in his bedroom. (By the time I got in there, he had already taken the couch up piece by piece and rebuilt it and was just chillin.)
8. He is sooo smart. When he was little he used to read the dictionary every night before bed. And now he's coming to BYU in the fall.

7. He is witty & a littttle sarcastic. He makes our family and his friends laugh so hard. Spencer can come up with the funniest things off the top of his head & we have no clue how he came up with something so fast. He is also a man of few words, but every time something comes out, write it down because it's amazing. Sidenote: His friends have created a fan page on facebook with just quotes from him. You must check it out because it's hilarious.

6. Spencer la la loves Spanish. He's even baptized the new Spanish converts in our home ward. So so great.
5. Spencer is so sweet & generous. He gives the greatest gifts ever. My sister really wanted a guitar last year & he went out & bought one for her & shipped it out to her apartment. Such a good brother... 4. He's a good, hard worker (that's how we like our Stolworthy boys :) He's held the same referee job since he was 11 and makes mucho moolah-- hence the generous gifts.
3. He doesn't get impressed easily & he doesn't care what others think about him. He talks to everyone the same and gives everyone a shot. He also doesn't have one enemy. I don't know anyone who doesn't like Spence.

2. He's really tall.

1. Spencer is the most honest person I've ever met. My mom has said she has never had to worry about him because he just says it even if it will get him in trouble. He's such a good good guy. And I love him.

I can't believe you're 17, I think I'm gonna cry...

Oh, and maybe he was like the cutest kid ever.Happy birthday my cute baby brother!
And now for your embarrassment, I mean, entertainment.

Haircut Boy. I think I cut his hair once a week over the summer. Vacuuming became the quickest cleanup. I know, I know, I'm easily amused by vacuum hickies.
When we were in Houston I had to make Savannah a bottle so I had Spencer hold her. I don't think he had ever held a baby in his life. Five minutes later, this is what I see:

My sister's post for Spence.


  1. hahah Love this Deej!

    Spence is sooo funny!

  2. Soo so great, Danielle! As busy as you are, and you always manage to celebrate your family! You are right on about Spencer! He is a GREAT GUY!! We sure love and appreciate who he is and see the amazing potential in who he will become! Thanks for creating this! Love you!!



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