Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1 Dear Ashley,

I understand that you think my painting nails obsession is out of control as you explained here. However, you need to understand why. Growing up my mom always had perfect nails. Always painted, always the same length, never chipped. It's very discouraging as a 5 year old to be around your mom's flawless nails knowing that you can't stop biting your own. So, today I am still haunted by her freakin nails causing me to paint, paint, paint. Maybe more than necessary. I am trying to make up for years of bad nails & live up to my mom's. In the psychology world it's called the "shadow aspect." Now look it up & feel sorry for me, I was an abused child.

*my sister's comment on ashley's blog: "It's because of the way we were raised, I do it too. If you're going to wear your fingernails painted, it's unclassy to have chipped fingernail polish, but seriously, my grandmother will tell you what she thinks about it"


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