Monday, January 26, 2009

1 Not everyday was a picnic: Perú Entry 3

I would never discourage anyone away from a trip similar to my trip to Peru. It is hands down the best thing i've ever done, but I'm not gonna lie, we had some seriously rough days. Days when I was so sick of only talking in Spanish, days when I saw so much poverty that I would tear up on the spot, days when the orphanage directors would say awful things to us or beat up the boys, days when the boys would fight, and we felt our purpose there was meaningless... I don't know if i expected any of that before going.
On our way back to the U.S. we had a 14 hour layover in Lima. Shoot me. We survived thanks to the wireless internet in starbucks (we were overjoyed to have internet for the first time), but I also had time to write in my journal things I will not miss about Peru. Ash & I read these yesterday & it was so funny to reflect on, I completely forgot how much I really roughed it out there!
Here's a few:
1. cold cereal (with COLD milk!)
2. hot showers (our showers were literally ICE)
3. no more rice & potatoes, YUCK!
4. fam time
5. living in the U.S.A
6. speaking in ENGLISH
7. no more cat calls & guys asking you to marry them
8. no taxis honking
9. people not begging you to buy their stuff
10. smelling good
& the list goes on...

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  1. Very interesting point. I didn't think about all of that!



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