Friday, December 12, 2008

0 i know, i know...

I know Christmas isn't about stuff, but if i had to make a list, this would be it:
just because i'm a princess.

yes, i want the entire store.

I know this hits home with my country, southern boondocks raising, but honestly this group is amazing. Atleast look them up on iTunes.

So when my purse got stolen in Salt Lake, so did all my makeup. so sad. I'm having serious withdrawlas from my favorite brush in the whole world.

ohhh man, it's kind of an issue, i like really, really want this bike...

A brand new sleek & shiny laptop. oh wait, CHECK! One of the other MANY benefits of going home for Thanksgiving, sometimes your parents get you & your sister new laptops. Thanks ma & pa, you're the best!

If you need my address for shipping just email me, i don't like to publicly post where I live.

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