Monday, November 03, 2008

3 a mocktail party for our 21 year old!

Maeg & I did this...... for this awesome girl who turns 21 today!
Landon & Jordan
Maeg sipping her Mai Thai...
me & jor
Sar & Al
The party was so much fun & a big success! Even though our guy to girl ratio was way off (sorry boys) I think our guests all had a great time. Happy Birthday Alli Cat!


  1. Way more boys than girls? Sounds typical for you guys. That looks amazing! Alli is lucky to have such great friends. So, was she surprised??

  2. This turned out So great! So sad I missed it, Happy Bday Allison!

  3. i know! it was embarrassing, the guys were like "are you the kind of girls that only hang out with guys and play them?"
    i didn't know how to answer that... i think we're just content with the girl friends we have :)
    We ended up having to tell her, it was kind of a given when the cocktail stuff was all over the counters, but she didn't find out through facebook!



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