Saturday, October 11, 2008

4 go shorty! it's yo birthday!

We've got a birthday in the house!! YEAAH!
So I ask the question:
Why is Kari Stolworthy such a babe?
I decided to list the top 10 reasons:
10. She talks in a baby voice when she wakes up her kids.
9. She always throws out unexpected comments that make you laugh.
8. She tells it how it is.
7. She is not lazy. busiest person ever.
6. She takes me to get my nails done and out shopping :)
5. She is the most artistic person i know.
4. She is always helping other people.
3. She loves girls nights out and getting dolled up.
2. She has a banging body! YEEEEEAHHH!
1. She loves her family & puts them first


  1. Your Mom is awesome! I hope she has a wonderful birthday...and I hope she comes back to Utah soon so we can play :)

  2. Love you Auntie Keri!!! :) Love you!!

  3. you're mom is a babe. period. i love mama stolworthy. rawr.



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