Tuesday, September 02, 2008

1 the new kids on the block

I really love living in Highland! Our new place is so pretty & spacious and i'm living with my old roommates for the 3rd year in a row. (Can you believe we haven't killed eachother?) We also have the prettiest view in Provo! Right out of our living room window is the Y mountain! However, there have been a few difficulties with moving in.
i really love our place, it's beautiful, but...
Moving into our new place this year has been an interesting transition. First of all, I'm in the basement. There is not a bit of sunlight that comes into my bedroom & i'm absolutely terrified i'm gonna sleep through something one day. Saturday morning I looked at my phone thinking it was about 4am (i usually wake up 98473 times a night...) and it was 10am! What?? So we moved in on Friday & are told we have to turn on the gas & electricity. So we called the electric company & there was a fee to turn it on. Double what?? We had a roommate discussion & thought gas wasn't a big deal to turn on because it was summer. Ten minutes later I go to take a shower and it's FREEZING. After that, my roommate took her shower & it was freezing again. We came to the conclusion that you need gas for warm water. We had all showered for the day & decided not to turn it on (because of course there was another fee). The next morning I decide to do my laundry (with cold water) and when I go to get my clothes out of the dryer, they're still soaking wet. Yep, you need gas for the dryer too. Triple what?? Of course it's Labor Day weekend so we can't turn on the gas. All of us ended up going to my sister's apartment to shower. (You'd think after 11 weeks in Peru i'd be used to ice cold showers. Believe it or not, you never get used to that...) So even though I think i'm too young for this business, slowly but surely i'm becoming an adult! Wait, mom? dad? are you still there? did you die of shock? i'll let you know how things go when we hook up our own internet...

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  1. i absolutely love your new place! I am definitely going to come over and party! I figure if we come over a lot, your landlord won't be able notice you snuck five girls in....hope he can't read this :)



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