Monday, August 11, 2008

2 Maeggy got her mission call!!

One of my very best friends in the whole world got her mission call last night to the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission!! I'm so incredibly happy for her. I honestly believe Maegan will be the greatest missionary ever. She is the sweetest girl and has the warmest, friendliest personality. I can't say enough good things about this girl! I've been living with her for 2 years (going on 3) now & she is so sweet, loyal, patient & has so much integrity. She's lived a great life & made great choices to get her where she's at & is incredibly happy because of it. Maeg has big plans for her life & doesn't let people's opinions get in the way of that. She always has these crazy ideas that we roll our eyes at when she presents them, but then she actually does them! It's so great! (For example when she wanted to start a lingerie business and went out and bought fabric & made our entire apartment underwear...) I've been wanting to blog this forever, but Maeg's call took so long to get here! Congratulations Maeggy-Butt. You're just wonderful! You will be missed so much but we're so very proud of you!

Maegan is wild.

Maegan & her boyfriend Landon.

Maeg loves the Diamondbacks (with her little brother Grady).
Maeg LOVES the Phoenix Suns. Go Nash! (Maeg & her little sister Alex)

Maeg loves her sisters. (Maegan, Alex, Nicki & Whitney)

Some roommate love.

She makes me laugh really hard. (Dec. '06)

She is ALWAYS the life of the party.

Love you Maeg!


  1. to quote N.dynamite - "Lucky"

    i wanted to go there so bad!!!



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