Monday, May 30, 2011

Let me tell you what I've been doing on my first day of summer.
Working Out-ing
Shopping (shopping at the mall AND online...... oops.)
Ordering gifts online to be shipped to me FOR me (a girl in my ward told me that she mails presents to herself and I thought it might be the best idea I've ever heard, so I did it and I'm feeling pretty good about that one.)

.............Hmm. This is all very strange since a large portion of church yesterday was spent on talking about doing service for others. Sometimes I wish I didn't suck.

And even though my list of accomplishments today sounds semi-productive, I have had to rack my brain to even come up with those things (yeah, "rack my brain" to go shopping, i know). I've come close to just banging my head against the wall approximately 80 million times today because I'm so bored and feel so lazy.

Honestly, how does this cat even feel good about himself? I'm dying here people.
Does anyone have some weeds I can pick or some kids I could adopt? Something needs to happen asap.


  1. i already gave you the closest thing to my own children. :) have fun with them!

    you can come to st. george any weekend you are bored and well go to vegas.

  2. come volunteer at the red cross! Seriously, I can't imagine staying home all day either..eek, you need to find something to do w/ your life asap, get a job at a call center..uhh gag me, nevermind. Good luck!

  3. You are already doing service by writing your lovely blog, Danielle! It cheers up a lot of people, including me! Always fun and glad you have some down time! Don't demean having some leisure time, you need it!

  4. THE CAT PICTURE is hilarious!! It takes some adjustment, but bored has it's place need a bit of downtime probably from the CRAZY nine month you have had! Love you!



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