Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday was a day of performances.
First, we had our own. We've got Nancy hooked to Bieber and knew that dancing to our boy was a must for this year's Best Buddies Talent Show.

Nance choreographed our killer moves & of course she rocked it out on the stage.

And last night we headed out to Riverwoods to see Sugar Ray perform. We were highly disappointed when he did not show up with frosted tips and a wife beater, but this is 2011 and apparantly even Mark McGrath got the memo.
(Mark, circa 2010)

You'd think we were at the Jersey Shore with all that fist pumping.

Nope, we're just way too excited for summer.


  1. Your Justin video is fantastic! How did you get to know Nancy?

  2. it's a program called best buddies through byu! i think you sign up for it in the wilk at the volunteer station. i can find out more if you want to do it next year. best thing ever!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. nancy just doesn't let the party stop! haha i love it.
    i bet you ARE pumped for summer vacation.. you get a vacation too!
    the perk of being a teacher.
    :) im excited for you

  5. LOVE this post. everything from Nancy/Justin B, to Mr McGrath and Natalie workin it! So fabulous!



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