Thursday, October 21, 2010

I have a life, pinky promise.
And I'm about to prove it with pictures.
(...even though I told the guy who took this picture that I don't get out much so I needed a picture of us shopping. However, shopping excursions are not a monumental event for me. I'm sorry to report that I do it a little too much lately. Now that I'm a salary woman & all.... I've decided for the rest of October I'm going to practice being a poor BYU student again though just to prove that I can. Because I can.)
Retail Therapy
General Conference. My favorite time ever. This is one of the things I am actually going to miss about Utah.
Friends JJ & Breah came in from Arizona.
Friends on Fire
HP Roomies went to Leslie's show!
1. She was amazing & we loved it.
2. I honestly have the most rockin roomates ever. Seriously, we have so much fun together & every single one of us are funny & AWESOME. We have parties, girl talk, and sleepovers everyday. I'm so happy about that. It would really blow to live with BORING people.
Thumbs Up. Duh.
Went to the Utah fair. I love fairs. Even if they are in Utah.
Happy Fair People
Fam din dins. Love these shindigs especially because I get to see two of my favorite people pictured below.
Two Favorite People
Come on guys. How can you not eat that up? He is so proud of his football bean bag. Rach & I decided to teach him some awesome grunting noises while we were there. I thought Rachel was going to die from laughter.
Proud Bean Bag Owner
Anyways, I just realized those pictures just counteracted the purpose of this post which was to prove to you that I have a life.
If I was a super talented persuasive writer I could have somehow tricked you into thinking I do have a life with convincing captions over my mediocre photos . But I'd have to be really talented.

But this weekend will be different because brother bear's in town which means we'll have to party a little harder. And when I say party, I mean cook lots of food for him and catch up on life.
I know, we're wild.


  1. Keith's baby is so adorable! Really enjoyed your pictures and watching you have fun vicariously, Danielle! Love you a lot and looking forward so much to you coming home at Christmas. It will be so fun to hear about your classroom adventures! You have such a fun way of telling your stories, too!

  2. hahahha Krugh!! he's so so so adorable. Seriously though! Loved this post!



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