Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today has been a bummer.
But on bummer days you just grab some friends & go to the Malt Shoppe.
With pool hair.
In long sleeves.
In July.
Hey, it's really cold in my bedroom! The AC distribution throughout the mansion is not so great & when I make it out of my room into the real world I look strange.
I love my friends.
Ok, bye.


  1. So why so glum, though you don't look glum in the photo. The combo of friends and ice cream are a real picker upper! Happy you were able to beat off the loomin' gloomies, Danielle. Good coping skills are a must! <3, <3, <3 you!

  2. i was not gloomy but my friends were & that makes me gloomy :(
    Love you!

  3. I understand that, Danielle! You are the bright spot that helps everyone with their days. Maybe you know that already!

  4. danty. you are realllly pretty.



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