Friday, August 14, 2009

Headed to Arizona Wednesday for my best friend's wedding, oh my.

I love my little Alli Cheetah & our newest Panther, Sammy. Can't wait to see you two get married!


  1. SO excited! i get little goosebumps every time i pass their announcement, ah true love. and i'm kind of excited to see you! woot woot!

  2. I want to be her. Tell her congrats for me and take LOTS and LOTS and lotta photos! Have so much fun!

  3. ok......SO many things i love right now.
    1. your blog! you are like professional!!
    2. that we are blog friends...this is so meant to be.
    3. that pic of you and your sis. BEAUTIFUL!
    4. that you love Yozone. Can we go soon please...
    Like I said, meant to be! :)

  4. I can't wait to see you!! We will for sure need your help with the kiddos at the temple. Are you going to be a hotter bridesmaid than me? Yes. Boo.



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