Monday, February 02, 2009

I've been tagged like 20 times, so here it is:
1. I am a genuinely happy person. I don't get discouraged easily & if I do, I'm usually over it in about 5 minutes, unless i'm really upset.
2. I am secretly stubborn. Sometimes I won't strongly voice my opinion, but i'm still convinced i'm right.
3. I'm not exactly the best candidate for a "college student." I don't love the school part of school. I'm grateful that I have a chance to go to college, but I will be on cloud 9 the day I graduate.
4. I love being busy. If my day isn't full, I feel useless.
5. I love Saturdays. Doing my laundry, cleaning and finishing my homework for the next week is such a good feeling.
6. I'm a pretty sensitive person.
7. I think almost anything is funny & it is not hard to make me laugh. Some people might not think I'm being sincere because I laugh all the time, but if i laugh, i really do think it's funny.
8. I really want a puppy. I love dogs.
9. I feel that I am a creative person (or maybe I should say, I used to be creative) I totally get this from my mom. I love to design anything- houses, clothes, even flyers. It comes from my mom again... another sidenote: if you've ever met my mom, you know i'm almost an exact replicate.
10. I probably lost any creative talent since I haven't had tools to put it in use since coming to college. (My mom has a card making/scrapbooking room and a fashion design sewing room & i'm like a kid in a candy shop when i go home because she has those rooms stocked with crafts, fabric, paint...)
11. I have been told my whole life, "you're parents are such go getters! I've never seen such a powerful team!" It's true, my parents are the two hardest working people I know. They never, ever, ever, EVER stop going. And I love that.
12. I LOVE my family.
13. I have some of the greatest friends in the world. I honestly believe that. I have INCREDIBLE best friends from highschool that are so loyal & make me laugh so hard. Some of my greatest memories are with the fab 4. & I have such supportive, wild, fun college friends. I couldn't get luckier on the friend thing.
14. I couldn't decide what I wanted to be when I "grew up." It was a way hard decision for me & sometimes I still wonder if I chose the right thing. My other ideas were: broadcast journalism, social work or some sort of design (either graphic, interior or fashion). My senior year of high school I filled out a form & said I was determined to be the next Oprah. Yeah. Riiiiight.
15. I love people.
16. I'd rather have the same 10 close friends for 50 years than skip from group to group.
17. I am a pretty independent person, it's a blessing & a curse.
18. I broke my collar bone when I was 5 & fractured my growth plate in basketball in high school. Otherwise, i've held together realtively well.
19. I still love to babysit even though I'm a little too old for it.
20. I love to sing. It is the only thing I've really stuck with out of all my hobbies.
21. Even though I'm not a huge fan of school, I am a huge nerd. I hate procrastinating & have to have all my assignments done before the week starts. This craziness started in kindergarten.
22. I love love love being really organized & clean. However, my bedroom does not always show that. When I was a little kid, I couldn't fall asleep until my room was spotless.
23. I like to cook & clean & i love doing laundry. That's why i'm the perfect housewife :) That is not supposed to be an advertisement.
24. I am a big movie buff thanks to my grandmother.
25. I am a very visual learner & have a photographic memory. it's the best.

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