Thursday, December 04, 2008

tagged by Clarissa!
Seven things i can do:
1. laugh really loud
2. sing
3. hold a baby forever
4. contain a classroom full of kids
5. do my pilates workout dvd twice in a row
6. remember almost anything. it's actually really creepy.
7. shop all day, everyday.

Seven things i can't do:
1. a push-up
2. get an A on a math test. it's just not possible.
3. fix a car, or anything really... didn't get my dad's genes on that one.
4. yell or get mad at someone
5. confront someone
6. buy a mansion
7. watch someone play with their gum. eww so gross.

Seven things i say often:
1. "what the...?!!!"
3. "I LOVE YOU!!!"
4. "te quiro mucho!"
5. "who's dishes are these?"
6. "tienes novia?"
7. "Boo! Do you need to go potty??"

& i added my own-
Seven things i love:
1. babies & puppies (anything new in the world, so sweet)
2. people that make me laugh (it's not hard to make me laugh, but still)
3. beautiful Tennessee. love. love. love home.
4. reminiscing
5. the good feeling you have after a really hard workout
6. birthday parties
7. a really intense football game

i tag: Rachel & Alison.


  1. Whenever we see you... you can hold my baby all you want. Not that I don't like holding him but I love a good break!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oh I would love to! he's such a cutie! Hopefully my family can make it to the next reunion, i'm pretty sure the family is about to cut our limbs off the family tree :)

  4. yeah, if they're not about to, they probably already should've :D



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