Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can i just say that i love my job? I have worked here for a year & a half now & everyone is so great, so nice & so patient. It'll be so hard to leave it for student teaching next year! I would stay here forever if i could! (okay, whoa, that's an exhaggeration.) I can honestly not remember a time when i was dreading coming to work because it's so great! The professors are all so nice & even though they are much smarter than me, they treat me as an equal & they tell me i'm so smart, HA! that one always makes me laugh. Especially my boss Mary, she is incredible! Nicest, funniest lady & so much fun to work with. She thinks i have the best ideas & really treats me as an equal which is important to me because i had a job in the past where people totally took advantage of their "position" and authority & just bossed people around. Mary is not like that at all, she's the best kind of leader & is so easy to work with. Sometimes my sister & i just sit & listen to her & cry laughing, she's hillarious. It is not totally uncommon to find a thank you note from one of the faculty members just letting me know they appreciate what i do. One of the professors even called my mom & talked to her to tell her how he appreciated me! That is so nice! It's great to have people recognize all of the hard work you put in! Anyways, it just reminds me that i need to be better about writting thank you notes & letting people know how great they are! That's all.

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  1. That's so nice! I didn't know they called momma! How nice! Definitely a good reminder on the notes too! Thanks for that! I'm glad you love your job so much too!



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